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Attractions on the island

Sobieszewo is an ideal place to relax with family, company conference, wedding and communion – it hides a lot of surprises. It is worth taking the time to discover them – on foot, by bike, by canoe!

Attractions around Gdansk

Bird Paradise
Take to a nature trail leading through areas that are a refuge for water and mud birds.

The reserveis a breeding and resting place for migratory and wintering birds.

Sobieszewo is a perfect place for long bicycle hikes.

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Old Town of Gdansk

The Old Town of Gdansk hides a lot of secrets and attractions.

You can easily reach it by car or by a water tram from the wharf opposite the Renusz Hotel.

Pier in Sopot

Sopot is a well-known resort located on a pictures quebeach. We especially recommend a walk on pier. The easiest way to get to Sopot is by SKM train from the Main Railway Station in Gdansk or by water tram from the Motlawa waterfront in the Old Town.


We recommend a trip to the symbolicsite of the World War II outbreak.

Malbork Castle

Excursion to Malbork Castle – built in several stages from 1280 to mid-15th century by the Teutonic Order. The easiest way to get to Malbork by train from the Main Railway Station in Gdansk.